The first reviews of Inception (2010 film) have been extremely postive, and it has a "fresh" 100% in Rotten Tomatoes. It is even considered as a masterpiece for some. Here are some reviews:

  • Todd Gilchrist: A stunning achievement and the most completely entertaining film I've seen in years.
  • Devin Faraci: Inception is a masterpiece. Making a huge film with big ambitions, Christopher Nolan never missteps and manages to create a movie that, at times, feels like a miracle.
  • Pete Hammond: The acting, from a great ensemble led by DiCaprio, is as good as it gets. Special shout outs to Wally Pfister's extraordinary cinematography, the challenging and intricate production design of Guy Hendrix Dyas and Han's Zimmer's haunting score, which is his best in years.
  • Steven Snyder: I expected a lot,but still walked out hypnotized. Here's a movie that's 3 steps ahead of you, on 4 different levels, at 5 blinding speeds. Best of 2010 thus far.

I hope this film will blow my mind away as Avatar did.

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