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Just a sec guys, I gotta go give some Tender Llama Caresses.
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October 6, 1994

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Alive (I hope)

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  • Bureaucrat
  • Wiki co-founder
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Matias Arana

(((((About Me)))))[]

As the co-creator, bureaucrat and administrator of the wiki, my main goal is to keep the community happy and the layout clean. If you have any complaints or questions feel free to leave a message on my talk page. You can also sometimes catch me on the IRC Channel.

(((((Funny Links)))))[]

When editing, you come across some funny edits, like this ones: (This section is currently in progress)

  • This should be a real category.
  • Why do people ask stupid questions?
  • Avatar fans love Na'vi sex. About 50 questions there =P

(((((My Current Projects)))))[]

As the creator of the wiki, this is my main project right now, so you can find me almost every day around. If you have any question about anything, ask me in my talk page. My main goals:

  • Keep the wiki clean of vandals.
  • Source all the information on the wiki.
  • Try to help all the users I can.
  • Help with templates.


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