Cobb, Ariadne, Eames, Arthur, Yusuf, and Saito

Assemble your team, Mr. Cobb. And choose your people more wisely.


The Team consists of the group assembled by Dominick Cobb when he is employed by Saito to perform an inception on Robert Fischer. The members of the group were chosen by Cobb for their exceptional ability, particularly given the difficult and almost unprecedented act of inception.

Members[edit | edit source]

  • Dominick Cobb is the best Extractor in the game, as he is hired by corporations to steal secrets they would otherwise never have access to. His level of expertise is such that he is very well-known in the black market of individuals who are able to infiltrate people’s minds and extract information.
  • Arthur is the team's Point Man. While Cobb plans and provides the direction of each job, Arthur's task focuses on the execution of the job, which includes researching the details behind upcoming missions and ensuring that all team members know their roles. In the field, Arthur's role also includes improvising and adjusting the plan to protect other team members and ensure the team's success.
  • Ariadne is an Architect who designs the mazes that the dreams will use as their foundation, taking the opportunity offered by Cobb to create and build places that cannot exist in reality. While in single level dreams, the Architect usually acts as the dreamer, Cobb intends for Ariadne only to design the mazes and only allows her to join the team in the field in order to watch Cobb in case his subconscious threatens the safety of the team or the mission.
  • Eames is known as a Forger because of his ability to physically impersonate anyone ("forging" their identity) when inside a dream. His skill is vital to the success of the mission, as he can convince the Mark that he is anyone that the team needs him to be. To make the illusion convincing enough, Eames studies the traits, mannerisms, and characteristics of the people he is tasked with impersonating.
  • Saito is the team's employer for their latest mission. He is referred to as a "Tourist" because, although he accompanies the team on their mission, he is (for the most part) an observer, making sure that his intentions are carried out correctly.

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