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Tai-Li Lee

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Tadashi is the 18 year old Japanese teenager employed by Arthur to help him, Nash, and Dom with the attempted extraction on Saito's mind. Before the extraction began, he was assigned to tail Saito in order to ascertain his movements and any other information about him[1].

On the bullet train to Tokyo, Saito is sedated to allow the extractors to enter his dreams. During the extraction, Tadashi is order to stand guard over their sleeping forms and operate the PASIV Device. About 30 seconds before they were due to wake up, Tadashi put headphones on Nash and played "Non, Je ne regrette rien" to alert him to the time. The three extractors woke up shortly afterward, and began arguing as the job was a failure. Cobb threw Tadashi some money and told them it was every man for himself, as he rushed to leave the train. Nash and Arthur exited the cabin afterward, leaving Saito to wake up and see only Tadashi reading his comic.

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