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Stephen Miles
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Lives in

Paris, France





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Family Members
  • Mentor to Cobb
  • College architecture professor

Dom Cobb

Behind the Scenes
Portrayed by

Michael Caine

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Come back to reality...

Stephen Miles is Mal's father and Dominick Cobb's father-in-law. He is kind and caring, and acts as a mentor to Cobb in the face of Mal's death and Cobb's subsequent months on the run from the law. He is also Ariadne's college professor at École d'Architecture in Paris. He is portrayed by actor Michael Caine.

When Dom finds himself in need of a new architect, he appeals to Miles, his mentor and former teacher. Miles acts as an intermediary between Dom and his children, James and Phillipa, bringing them gifts from their father, though he expresses to Dom that gifts alone will not maintain his relationship with his children. He disapproves of Dom using dream sharing for illegal extractions, which Dom justifies as the only means he has to find a way back to his children. Despite his reluctance, he gives into Dom's request for one of Miles' students to work as an architect for the Inception job; Miles suggests Ariadne.

Following Dom's arrival in Los Angeles, Miles greets him at the airport and brings him back to his house, where Phillipa and James are waiting.


  • No space to think in that broom cupboard.


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