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The Snow-Covered Mountains
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Robert Fischer


Using explosives to destroy support beams

Other Sleepers

Dom Cobb

The Snow covered mountains dream was the third dream level in the inception on Fischer's mind. It was dreamt by Eames.



In this dream, Cobb has tricked Fischer into working with the team to break into his own subconscious (using the Mr. Charles tactic) to perform Inception. Eames, as the one who knows the dream and can navigate the maze, leads Fischer's projections on a chase as Fischer and Saito make their way to the hospital. The musical cue warning that the van in Level 1 will hit the rail of the bridge begins to sound, but the sleepers in the Mountain fail to hear it. When the van does hit the rail, it causes an avalanche on the Mountain. Cobb realizes that the only other kick from Level 1 will come when the van hits the water, so the team needs to hurry. Ariadne tells Cobb of a shortcut, which allows Mal to enter the dream. Mal shoots Fischer and kills him, sending his mind to Limbo. Cobb then shoots Mal.

With Fischer dead, the team is prepared to give up on the Inception attempt, but Ariadne suggests that she and Cobb rescue Fischer from within Limbo, administering a kick to sync with another kick in Level 3 to wake him. Eames agrees and sedates Ariadne and Cobb. Eames then plants the charges that will trigger the mass kick later. After completing that, Eames uses a defibrillator on Fischer, which in unison with the kick administered in Limbo, wakes him. Meanwhile, Saito dies of the gunshot wound he received in Level 1.

Fischer, now awake and alive, enters the vault of the hospital which contains a projection of his dying father, who in turn tells Fischer that he was only ever disappointed that Fischer wanted to be like him, considering it an unworthy fate for his son. At this point, Inception has occurred and Ficher is convinced that he must split up his company.

Once Inception has occurred, Eames detonates the charges, causing a mass kick that, in conjunction with a kick from within Limbo, wakes Ariadne. The kick also allows the sleepers in Level 3, including Ariadne and Fischer to all wake from Level 3.