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PASIV Device
Item Information

Several Inches

Used by

Dom Cobb's team


Administering Somnacin doses to dreamers


Metal briefcase shell, IV tubing, various electronic monitoring devices

Behind the Scenes
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The Portable Automated Somnacin IntraVenous Device, abbreviated PASIV Device, is a device used for administering the drug Somnacin to dreamers in the field. Instruction Manual MV-235A provides instructions on the proper usage of this machine.


The PASIV device, as well as providing meticulous control over the dosage of Somnacin to subjects in the field, also has the following features:

  • A central button called the Infusion Trigger that can activate all IV lines at once.
  • Configurable control settings for the accurate monitoring and adjustment of Somnacin levels.
  • 12 foot (4 meter) IV lines for versatile in the field set-up.
  • LED display with atomized timer for monitoring precise flow rates.
  • Synchronization monitoring chip for flow check monitoring and automated adjustment to optimize output flow.
  • Lithium iodide batteries with life of 200 hours.
  • Additional vial storage for multiple doses in the field.
  • Case lock for prevention of system tampering.
  • Memory backup for retention of infusion output data.
  • Easy access to fuses and batteries for replacement.