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Phillipa Cobb is the young daughter of Dom and Mallorie Cobb. She is portrayed by child actress Claire Geare as a three year old, and Taylor Geare as a five year old.

The elder of Cobb's two children, neither she nor her brother James have seen their father since the death of their mother. The siblings have been in the custody of their maternal grandparents; their grandmother Marie appears to be their primary caretaker while their grandfather Stephen Miles is in Paris. Though she would like to see her father again, Phillipa expresses doubt that they will be reunited, remarking that their grandmother does not believe in Cobb during her father's telephone call to them after the failed Saito extraction job.

Phillipa and her brother, James, provide Dom with motivation for accepting Saito's proposal of commiting Inception. The possibility of reuniting with Phillipa and James becomes Cobb's reason for accepting an assignment from Saito to perform an inception on Robert Fischer, with the promise of Saito using his influence to clear Cobb of the charges against him for Mal's death.

Throughout Inception, projections of Phillipa and James appear in Cobb's dreams at the ages he recalls seeing them last, reflecting his desire to return to them, as well as his happier memories with his family. Phillipa and James only appear in reality at the end of the film, when Cobb is finally able to reunite with them at their house in Los Angeles.