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Peter Browning
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68 years ago

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United States of America






Godfather and legal counsel

Behind the Scenes
Portrayed by

Tom Berenger

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Peter Browning is Robert Fischer's godfather and Maurice Fischer's longtime legal counsel. To Robert, he is more of a surrogate father than a godfather, with Robert even going so far as to call him "Uncle Peter." He is portrayed by actor Tom Berenger.


As Maurice Fischer's health declined and with Robert displaying little interest in attending to company matters, Browning's influence in Fischer-Morrow grew. His already powerful authority within the company allowed him to even go against Maurice's previous prerogative of avoiding legal action wherever possible, but he continued to struggle with having Robert discuss power of attorney. While his personal desires are unclear, he has great affection for Robert, being described as the one positive relationship the young man has. In order to perform an inception on Robert, Eames uses the close ties Browning has to the elder and younger Fischer as part of the team’s plan and observes the existing dynamic between Browning and the Fischers.

During the job, Eames adopts Browning’s appearance and mannerisms to establish a rapport with Robert while convincing him that both Robert and Browning have been kidnapped and tortured by the same abductors during the first level of the dream. In the process, Eames is able to elicit the nature of Robert's relationship with his father and to suggest the idea that Maurice had actually left a second will that would split up the company if released. Thus, Browning was used as a trusted guide to set the original idea into Fischer’s mind.

In the second dream level, the team uses Fischer’s projection of Browning to their advantage. Once the projection is captured by the team, they encourage Fischer to believe that Browning arranged his kidnapping. Once Fischer believes them, the projection conforms to Fischer’s new perspective of him and admits doing so. He claims the will was Maurice’s attempt to taunt Robert for not being worthy of his accomplishments, while this was a combination of the ideas Eames planted and Fischer’s own perception of his father. The impression created causes Robert to transfer his emotional resentment of his father to Browning, reconciling Robert's own perception of his father and their relationship.