One Simple Idea
Album Inception: Music from the Motion Picture
Artist Hans Zimmer
Length 2:28
Previous soundtrack Mombasa
Next soundtrack Dream Within A Dream

One Simple Idea is the eighth track on the album Inception: Music from the Motion Picture. It runs for 2:28 minutes. Its name refers to the "one simple idea" that is implanted in a subject's mind by inception.

Cobb: I broke in and I planted an idea. A simple idea that I knew would change everything.

As with some other tracks from the Inception soundtrack, this exact track is not heard. However, variations of it can be heard during the planning process of the film up to when the team first go under on the plane, and softly at the very end intermixed with another track. The introduction in the track is can be heard when Cobb draws Fischer's attention to the strangeness of the dream in the hotel.