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The Office Building
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The Office Building was the only dream level in the heist on Mr. Kaneda's mind. It was dreamed by Nash.[1]

In the dream, Cobb and Nash entered the office building while Arthur and the thugs hired by Cobol Engineering remained at street level at a jewellery store across from the office building. In order to maximize Cobb's time in the office building, Arthur ordered the projections in the jewellery store to set off the alarm and incited a shoot-out between Kaneda's projections (in the form of police officers) and himself and the Cobol Engineering thugs. The shoot-out was meant to serve as a distraction from Cobb and Nash infiltrating the office building; Arthur and the thugs are eventually overcome, causing the police projections to begin a raid of the nearby office building.

In the building proper, Nash distracted the projections in the building while Cobb located Kaneda and threatened him with an explosive device. As the dream collapses as a result of Nash getting shot, Cobb discovers that Kaneda does not have the information that Cobol Engineering wants regarding Saito's expansion plans. The explosive device is set off as the dream ends.