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United States of America







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Lukas Haas

First Appearance

Inception: The Cobol Job

Nash is an architect of dreams who worked with Dom on several jobs. He is portrayed by Lukas Haas.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Nash is a very nervous and excitable person, fidgeting constantly under the circumstances of a normal job. Though Dom did not trust him, Nash was the only architect available at the time to Dom at the time of the Saito extraction job. During the job, Nash makes a crucial mistake in the dream of Saito's apartment - because Nash uses polyester instead of wool for Saito's rug, Saito is able to recognize that he is still sleeping.

With the job ending in failure, Dom and Arthur attempt to escape Tokyo without Nash, as Arthur has been unable to locate him. However, they are intercepted by Saito, who reveals that Nash had betrayed them in hopes of gaining Saito's favour. Unimpressed with Nash's lack of loyalty, Saito offers Dom a chance to kill Nash; when Dom refuses, Saito elects to leave Nash to the mercies of Cobol Engineering.

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