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Maurice Fischer




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Robert Fischer

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Pete Postlethwaite

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Maurice Fischer is Robert Fischer's dying father and the founder of Fischer Morrow, the main competitor of Saito's company, Proclus Global, in the energy industry. Because he believes Fischer's company will become a new superpower with no competition from anyone, Saito believes it is necessary to orchestrate the dissolution of Fischer Morrow, taking advantage of Maurice Fischer's deteriorating state to perform an inception on Maurice's son. Fischer Sr. dies shortly after the Team has completed their preparations for the Inception, to be executed as Robert Fischer escorts his father's casket back to Los Angeles on a flight from Sydney, Australia.

Maurice's relationship with his son is publicly known to be very strained. Instead, Robert is considerably closer to Peter Browning, his godfather and Maurice's long time legal counsel. However, it is implied that Robert longs for his father's acknowledgment. When the idea to break up Maurice's company is implanted in Robert, it is done so by the emotional idea that Maurice wanted Robert to be his own man and had been unable to express to his son that he loved him.