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Marie is the maternal grandmother of Phillipa and James. After Cobb is forced to flee from the United States after Mal's suicide, Phillipa and James wind in the custody of their grandparents. Marie appears to be their primary caretaker as Miles is residing in Paris as a professor of architecture. She does not have faith that Cobb will be able to return to his children, stating as such to Phillipa, which she reveals to her father when Cobb calls his children after the failed Saito extraction job.

Marie does not make any appearances in the film and not referred to by name, though she is mentioned during Cobb's telephone call to his children, where she urges the children to speak to their father. The shooting script includes this brief moment where she tells the children to conclude their phone call in a slightly different way[1]. The shooting script reveals that she divorced Miles after twenty years of marriage, as she blames Miles and Cobb equally for Mal's death.[2] Despite the tension, she allows Miles and, reluctantly, Cobb to remain in contact with Phillipa and James.


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    Grandma's voice: Time to go kids, say bye-bye-
  2. Inception: The Shooting Script
    Cobb: I know. I thought you could talk to Marie about brining them on vacation. Somewhere I could meet-
    Miles: Why would she listen to me?
    Cobb: You were married for twenty years.
    Miles: She blames me as much as you.
    Cobb: Doesn't she understand that my kids need me?
    Miles: Yes, she does. We all do. Go back and face the music, Dom. Explain what Mal did.