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Front Cover
Inception: Music from the Motion Picture
Album Information
Artist Hans Zimmer
Johnny Marr
Label Reprise Records
Released July 13, 2010
Genre Soundtrack
Media type Audio CD, MP3
Disc # 1
Tracks 12
Length 49:20

Inception: Music from the Motion Picture is the soundtrack from the movie Inception. Composer Hans Zimmer worked with director Christopher Nolan to score the film, marking their third collaboration. According to Zimmer, the music is "a very electronic score."

Surprisingly, Nolan demanded that Zimmer base the score on his feelings and their conversations rather than fitting the music to the film-- Zimmer wasn't permitted to see the movie until after the soundtrack was finished[1]. Zimmer brought guitarist Johnny Marr in to collaborate with him throughout the score, and the two debuted 20 minutes of the score with a 20-piece orchestra at the July 13 Inception premiere before a live audience and over the Internet[2]. An album containing some of Zimmer's music for the film was released on Tuesday, July 13.

Hidden Layers[]

Much like the story of the movie, the soundtrack itself is layered. Zimmer employs "Non, je ne regrette rien" by Édith Piaf as a leitmotif, both in its usual form, and through heavily manipulated use of the opening bars. When slowed down by a significant factor, these bars take on a pulsating purcussive aspect, which underpin much of Zimmer's original elements.

A popular YouTube video[3] audibly compares the central theme with the original song.


  1. "Half Remembered Dream" (Length - 1:12)
  2. "We Built Our Own World" (Length - 1:55)
  3. "Dream Is Collapsing" (Length - 2:28)
  4. "Radical Notion" (Length - 3:43)
  5. "Old Souls" (Length - 7:44)
  6. "528491" (Length - 2:23)
  7. "Mombasa" (Length - 4:54)
  8. "One Simple Idea" (Length - 2:28)
  9. "Dream Within A Dream" (Length - 5:04)
  10. "Waiting For A Train" (Length - 9:03)
  11. "Paradox'" (Length - 3:25)
  12. "Time" (Length - 4:35)

Two exclusive bonus tracks, "Projections" (Length - 7:04) and "Don't Think About Elephants" (Length - 5:36) became available through the official score website as of August 12, requiring an e-mail address to obtain the tracks.