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"Two very different types of businessmen."

Fischer Morrow is the massive Australian energy conglomerate, formerly run by Maurice Fischer, which is close to becoming the sole supplier of an unspecified energy source. This energy source is the main source of power for the world. The conglomerate's only competitor rivaling it is Proclus Global, but Proclus is growing increasingly incapable of competing against Fischer. If Proclus fails to compete, Fischer gains a near-total monopoly of most of the world's energy. Saito describes them as becoming a new superpower should that happen.

The owner of Fischer Morrow is Maurice Fischer, whose health is rapidly declining from age. Robert Fischer, Maurice Fischer's only descendant, stands to receive company control in his father's last will and testament. As Robert did not see himself as ready to assume control of everything his father had created, Saito, the head of a competitor of Fischer Morrow, saw this as an opportunity to stop Fischer Morrow from completely taking over control of the energy market. As a result, he hired Dominick Cobb to dissolve the company by committing Inception on Robert, using his weakness as an opening.

Cobb, with associates Arthur, Ariadne, Eames and Yusuf, create an elaborate and unprecedented three level dream-within-a-dream-within-a-dream to commit the inception. The Inception is ultimately successful, and Fischer resolves to dissolve the company, and honour his father's legacy by creating something for himself.