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The City dream was the first dream level in the heist on Robert Fischer's mind. It was dreamt by Yusuf.

Description[edit | edit source]

The city dream is inspired by New York and Los Angeles, with tall skyscrapers and busy streets with high traffic. It appears to be based on the business districts of New York, with the expectation that Robert Fischer would be comfortably familiar with the area and not realize that he is dreaming. Further into the dream are a number of warehouses, where the team intends to take Fischer after they kidnap him, and a number of overpasses. For the purpose of a kick, a bridge overlooking a river has been designed so that when Yusuf drives the van containing the sleeping team members will awaken in synch with a series of kicks from the other layers of the dream. Because Yusuf had consumed too much champagne before dreaming, it is raining constantly while the team is inside the dream.

Events[edit | edit source]

When the sleepers first enter the New York dream, Arthur, Eames, and Saito kidnap Fischer. Fischer hands Eames his wallet, telling him to take it and leave. The moment Eames takes the wallet Fischer's projections begin to attack Cobb's team.

Meanwhile, Cobb's subconscious inserts a freight train into the middle of the street (the same freight train that Cobb and Mal committed suicide under while in Limbo), splitting up the team, and allowing Saito to be shot. Eventually, the team regroups in a warehouse and establishes that Fischer has trained his subconscious to defend itself from extraction and invasion. Certain security projections are militarized. Cobb's team becomes concerned and learns that death within this dream cannot wake a sleeper due to the strength of the sedative, only send the sleeper's mind to Limbo. The team decides to continue the mission anyway.

Eames forges the identity of Browning and tells Fischer of an alternate will that Fischer Sr. created to split up his company.

The sleepers load into a van and all enter the Level 2 dream, with the exception of Yusuf, who drives the van, trying to avoid the projections. Yusuf tosses the van around and flips it over at one point. Eventually, Yusuf reaches a bridge, sets off a musical cue in Arthur's ears, and administers a kick to the sleepers by driving the van into the railing on the bridge. Because the kicks in the other dream levels are not synchronized the kick does not have any effect. The van falls off the bridge and hits the water, administering a second kick that is synchronized with kicks in the other dream levels and wakes all the sleepers back to Level 1 (The City).

Fischer and Eames, who is still disguised as Browning, swim to shore and Fischer shows that the Inception was successful.

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