She must have blown you off. That is, unless her phone number really is only six digits.


The number 528491 is a series of random digits that Robert Fischer gives to the team.

In the City dream, Cobb demands the first six digits that come into Fischer's mind, telling him that they may be the password to a safe containing his father's alternate will. In actuality, Cobb's team just needs Fischer to invent a password to the safe where his subconscious hides his secrets.

Other Appearances[edit | edit source]

  • In the Hotel, when Eames, disguised as the Blonde, gives a number to Fischer that has six digits: 528-491.
  • In the Hotel, the team sleeps in room 528, and Arthur sets explosive charges beneath them in room 491
  • In the Mountain, Fischer opens the safe with the numbers 528491.
  • 491 represents the "unforgivable sin" that Cobb committed on his wife as 490 = "seven times seventy" from Matthew 18:21, 22

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