Inception Wiki
Album Inception: Music from the Motion Picture
Artist Hans Zimmer
Length 2:23
Previous soundtrack Old Souls
Next soundtrack Mombassa

528491 is the sixth track on the album Inception: Music from the Motion Picture. It runs for 2:23 minutes. The title is the random series of numbers that Robert Fischer was forced to give to the disguised Cobb and Arthur, in the first dream level of the Fischer inception job. The team needed a random series of numbers in order to create a password to access his subconscious.

Cobb: "Give me the first six numbers that come into your head right now."

Fischer: "I have no idea."

Cobb: "RIGHT NOW! I SAID RIGHT NOW! [points his gun at Browning's head] RIGHT NOW!"

Fischer: "Five-two-eight-four-nine-one."

It is notably played in the climax of the film, when the Inception is planted on Fischer as he discovers his dying father's 'last will'.